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Nicole Has Arrived, and She's Ready to Work!

Hello everyone!

I believe I may be a new voice for most of you visiting the Izzy Knits Blog. My name is Nicole Watkins and I’m Susan’s youngest daughter. Does anyone remember when my older sister Cali became an intern for the Izzy Knits store? Well now it’s my turn! I won’t say that I’m a better intern than my sister was because that’s merely my opinion, but if you want the unbiased truth, ask my mother for her thoughts. We’ve already had a bunch of laughs over the past few weeks in our cozy office, whether caused by trying to untangle an impossible knot from a skein of yarn, or by learning that alt-tagging is actually a lot more difficult than it initially seems!

This summer is my first summer break away from college and what better way to spend it than by helping to see my mother’s Izzy Knits dreams come true! I go to school at Emerson College in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. While I, oddly enough, love the gloomy and unpredictable weather of the East Coast better than the sunny rays of California, I can’t say that I’m sad to be home. I missed the nightly debriefs from my mom of all the ups and downs that come from running an online yarn store, and the delicious meals cooked by my dad, which accompanied every story. Home-cooked food is definitely a lot better than the microwavable mac and cheese cups I survived on for the last 9 months.

Nicole sitting on a bench wearing her Emerson sweatshirt

Working for my mom has been a lot of fun on top of a lot of hard work, and summer has only just begun. So far, our job has not only taken us to our at home office in California, but also to the other side of the country, where my mother and I evaluated different products in the famous New York Mood fabric shop. I didn’t know that I would enjoy my job so much until I spent a few weeks in the yarn store environment. Our office is cozy, welcoming, and who knew that being surrounded by hundreds of skeins of yarn could be so calming?

My role in Izzy Knits consists of alt-tagging, managing product inventory, editing blog posts, the occasional coffee runs, and retrieving lunch for the Izzyknits crew… the mark of a true entry-level employee. I’m excited for all the new products and blog posts that will be coming your way soon! There’s so much in the works this summer for the betterment of the Izzy Knits store as well as the expansion of our social media presence. To give you a sneak peek, go to this link to see our new, verified, Izzy Knits Pinterest Store, which allows shoppers to reach our store through this amazing creative platform. I hope you’re all getting excited!

Like I said above, summer is only just beginning at the Izzy Knits Local Yarn Shop. I’m so excited to be a part of this team and I hope you’re excited for all that’s to come in the next few months.

Nice to meet you all!


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