LA Yarn Crawl 2018

LA Yarn Crawl 2018

Dave had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to join me for the LA Yarn Crawl 2018. Boy, did he learn a lot!!

Taking place over four days, from Thursday, April 19th through Sunday, April 22nd, the LA Yarn Crawl brought together local yarn shops and fiber enthusiasts from all over Southern California.

From Long Beach to Ventura, Downtown LA to Pasadena, and finally to Glendora, we drove 233 miles in 2-1/2 days, staying overnight in Hollywood so we didn't have to start over from home each morning.

Of the 19 stores we visited, we had a few favorites, including The Knitting Tree (Inglewood), Wildfiber Studio (Santa Monica), The Little Knittery (Los Feliz), and Make One Yarn Company (La Verne). We enjoyed chatting with Jennifer and her staff at Jennifer Knits (Los Angeles), where Jennifer measures each customer to make sure they knit the perfect fit. We loved our tour of the dye studio where Jacqueline cooks up tasty treats for Delicious Yarns. But perhaps most interesting of all was Gather, a hidden gem located on the 2nd floor of the Last Bookstore (Downtown LA). It's a tiny shop brimming with character and offering a beautifully curated collection of items. Not to mention, Gather's number one fiber fan is permanently poised to keep watch over the store, even when it's closed. Yes, she called for a selfie!

Dave Susan Gather LYS Downtown LA

All of the shops on the Crawl are worth a visit, so we're posting the map below so you can take a peak at where they're all located. Izzy Knits may be online only at the moment, but we're an LYS at heart (and hopefully for real very soon!). So we say, support us ... and your local yarn store.

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