Trunk Show: Jewelry For Knitters

Trunk Show: Jewelry For Knitters

A couple years ago, an Izzy Knits customer reached out to me to mention that she is also a vendor within the knitting & crochet community. Her business? Jewelry For Knitters.

We chatted a bit via email, but it was a crazy time for me, and I wasn’t ready to consider adding jewelry to the shop. It was enough just getting my existing yarn inventory photographed, descriptions written, and everything uploaded to and proofread on the site. (Seriously, you can’t imagine how long all this takes!) So, I regret that Jewelry For Knitters—and owner Beatriz McTiernan—faded from my memory, eclipsed by time and a global pandemic that has prevented everyone in the fiber community from getting together at the “live” events we all enjoyed so much, and where I'm sure Betty and I would have reconnected!

Thank goodness, she didn’t forget about me…or Izzy Knits. In fact, Betty is a repeat customer now, and I’m thankful for her continued support. So, when she asked if I be interested in hosting a trunk show in 2021, I jumped at the idea. I had been drawn to her heart-shaped shawl pins and stitch maker necklaces before, and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase them in Izzy Knits’ First Ever Trunk Show!

Heart Shawl Pins & Heart Stitch Marker Necklaces from Jewelry for Knitters

So, I invite you to take a peek at the delightfully playful pins adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals, pearls, and gemstones that she has offered to Izzy Knits on this celebratory occasion.

There are also a couple of dazzling “luxe” stitch marker necklaces made with Italian Murano glass beads, and other heart-shaped stitch marker necklaces, again adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals, pearls, and gemstones. Each set of five stitch markers includes one that is slightly unique…a perfect “beginning of round” marker.

I asked Beatriz if I could include her story in this blog post so you can learn a bit more about her, her knitting journey, and her passion for jewelry design. So here goes…

Meet Betty (in her own words)

Jewelry for Knitters February Trunk Show at Izzy Knits

My name is Beatriz McTiernan. Most people know me as Betty. I have been an avid knitter for 30+ years. I am the owner of an online boutique business, Jewelry For Knitters.

It was by chance that I became a jewelry designer for knitters. In my knitting journey, I took a detour 16 years ago [2005] when I was knitting and doing finishing work for clients. In fact, it was not the act of knitting that caused the problem, it was doing a 10" crochet border on a queen-size blanket. Halfway through this project my hand gave up. My hand felt like a flat tire. I couldn’t do anymore needlework.

Antsy to do something, anything crafty, I started taking some jewelry bead classes. Miraculously, my hands didn’t hurt when I was working with beads and, soon, I had my necklaces for sale in several boutiques. In 2013, missing my knitting life, I decided to make my jewelry into a niche market. Hence, I started Jewelry For Knitters.

My designs combine color work creations to enhance the beautiful hand dyed yarns of today. I use high quality materials to make jewelry for knitters [that is] truly special. I use genuine, sparkling Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Pearls, Gemstone beads, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver, Sterling silver filled wire, 14K gold wire and chains, and bronze wire.

I use a heart motif in most of my designs to symbolize the love of the knitting craft and the worldwide knitting community. Most of my jewelry pieces have a dual purpose. The Heart Shawl Pins can also be worn as a pendant necklace with your favorite chain. The Stitch Marker Necklaces can be worn as a jewelry piece, and the markers are functional and can be used in your knitting.

This exquisite jewelry is being brought to you in partnership with Izzy Knits for the “love month” of February and, of course, for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you like my jewelry for knitters. Made with love and care, they add a sparkling touch to your knitwear wardrobe!

Warmest regards and happy knitting,
Beatriz (Betty) McTiernan 

P.S. I am happy to report that I have been avidly knitting again since 2015.

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