Vendors’ Drop Ship Programs Are a Gift!

Vendors’ Drop Ship Programs Are a Gift!

I’m blessed to be a yarn-seller, even in these crazy times. Of course, Covid-19 has created quite a few problems for us retailers, but it hasn’t affected my love for what I do. And I’ve been impressed by how our industry has risen to the occasion. Six months ago, could any of us have imagined there’d be a “virtual” Knitting Live from Vogue? We’ve seen designers step up to offer free patterns, indie brands embrace online trunk shows, and small entities come together to host virtual marketplaces in an effort to keep the industry alive and vibrant.

For retailers like me, who offer a wide variety of products but operate on a very slim profit margin, one of the greatest blessings during this time has come from the yarn vendors who have implemented drop shipping programs. These programs are invaluable, as they allow shops like Izzy Knits to continue offering a full range of products during this difficult time.

Knitting Fever, Inc. (Noro, Ella Rae, and Katia, to name a few) explains it this way, “Due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, many local yarn shops have been forced to close their doors or operate in a very limited capacity. As the distributor of many popular brands, we have decided to support our customers (your local shops) and the knitting community by offering an evolving array of drop shipped, ready to knit kits! This program is bringing essential revenue back to the independent retailers of your communities and will ensure the flow of merchandise to those stuck at home.”

How Drop Ship Works at Izzy Knits

Knitting Fever’s drop ship offering includes a large selection of kits, which they’re calling Lockdown Relief Kits. These kits include everything you need (yarns and patterns) to make some of their most popular projects, from shawls to sweaters to blankets. Izzy Knits is currently featuring all of KFI’s Noro kits on our website! But you can also browse through all of KFI’s kits on their website as well. If you find another one there you like, no worries! You can purchase directly from KFI through the links above, and Izzy Knits will be credited a portion of the sale! For more details about this unique opportunity, click here.

Knitting Fever Drop Ships Kits Ordered through Izzy Knits

Urth Yarns is another one of our favorite vendors with a terrific drop ship program. Not only do they have kits available, but they’re offering to drop ship single skeins as well. Here’s what they have to say about it, “Hang in there Urth friends! To ensure your quarantine meditation continues full focus, it will be our pleasure to ship directly to you, throughout the pandemic, any yarn, any kit, in any amount.” How amazing is that?!

On the Izzy Knits website, we’re currently featuring several complete Urth Yarn lines, including Monokrom Fingering, Uneek Fingering, Merino Gradient Kits, and Uneek Sock Kits. We’re also featuring Marin Melchior's stunning Butterfly (Papillon) Shawl Kit which is a hands-down favorite of knitters everywhere! And, wait for it … next month we’ll be introducing our very own, exclusive Izzy Knits/Urth Yarns kit featuring a three-skein, medium-weight wrap.

Urth Yarns Drop Ships Kits Ordered through Izzy Knits

Vendors, THANK YOU! In fact, thanks to everyone in our industry who has embraced the challenges of Covid-19 and worked together to support the brick-and-mortar AND online-only local yarn shops. Without Knitting Fever and Urth Yarns, we would not be able to offer the breadth of products currently available on our website…and more are coming soon. (Watch for new products from BEKA, like their hand-crafted, maple yarn swift.) And special shout-outs to Trendsetter Yarns and Bellatrista Luxury Yarns too, who have worked with us since our inception in 2018 to fulfill customer’s special requests. It’s partnerships like these that remind us that we’re all in this together, and together we will succeed.

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