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Nightshift Hand-knit Shawl

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This colorful shawl was hand-knit by Susan in alternating skeins of Noro's 100% sustainably sourced Ito wool. It's warm and thick, with a naturally-rustic look and feel. Perfect as a cozy topper in fall or early spring or layered with a coat in winter.

Designed by one of the knitting world's favorite designers... Andrea Mowry.

Metal closure not included; available from JUL Designs.


58" wide x 31" tall

As this is a handcrafted item, exact dimensions may vary slightly.

Care Information

Hand wash in cold water with gentle soap. Do not agitate, as wool may felt. Hang or lay flat to dry. Iron on low or medium heat.

Shopkeeper's Note

Metal closure not included. Available from JUL Designs (