A Tribute to Eisaku Noro

A Tribute to Eisaku Noro

For the past year, I've been knitting almost exclusively with Noro's Kureyon and Ito yarns. I adore them for their raw beauty. To me, their imperfection is what makes them perfect! I love the thick and thin ply of the yarn, the flecks of straw that remind me from where the wool originated (sheep in a pasture), and the vibrant colors that slowly blend from one into the next. 

Thus, it was with sadness that I read of the passing of Eisaku Noro, creator and founder of Noro Yarns.

Sion Elalouf, founder and CEO of Knitting Fever INC. (Noro's USA distributor) wrote a most touching tribute to his friend of 43 years, which I share with you below in honor of a true pioneer:


September 2, 2022

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Eisaku Noro, creator and founder of Noro Yarns.
Our collaboration with Noro Yarns started in 1981, after a visit to a local yarn shop in Osaka, Japan. Standing out among the many classic yarns of Japanese and European origin was a yarn that was truly magical in appearance. Returning the following year to Japan, we were able to meet the man responsible for such beauty, Noro-san, as he was affectionately called. Tall, regal, with a sense of humor and full of passion, here was a true artist who painted with fibers to create yarns unlike any on the market at the time. Through these past forty years, as our business grew, so did our friendship. Today, Noro Yarns are distributed worldwide.
With regard to quality or artistic expression, Noro-san did not compromise. This was reflected in all he did, from the unique, eco-friendly and painstaking production methods, to the thoughtful selection of fibers from farms where animal stock is treated humanely. Noro’s vision for creating yarns was that they should inspire joy while remaining true to their natural heritage.
Noro-san was a modest man. He lived simply and was almost embarrassed by his growing fame. He took great joy in meeting shop owners and Noro yarn lovers, seeing their displays and projects, always so grateful and appreciative of their continued loyalty to his brand.
Although we are deeply saddened by his passing, we are confident that his life, his work and his immense contribution to our world of yarn will light the way for years to come. We are comforted in the knowledge that Takuo Noro, Noro-san's talented son, who worked side-by-side with his dad for the past twenty-five years,  learned the business from the ground up. Running the business these last few years, Takuo is responsible for creating some of the most beautiful and successful Noro yarns ever, such as Ito, Akari, Kakigori, Tsubame, etc. Clearly, the apple did not fall far from the tree!

As we say good bye to our dear friend Eisaku Noro, the strong ties we’ve developed over these past forty years will continue to grow as we look to his son and successor, Takuo Noro, to continue on this creative path making evermore unique and magical yarns for another forty years!   

Good Bye Noro-san, my dear friend! I will miss you!

Sion Elalouf
Founder & CEO
Knitting Fever INC. 

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