Our Story

Back in 2012, I was searching for my next act. I was done volunteering in my kids' schools and eager to pursue something more artistic and creative. Highest on my list of ideas was owning and operating a local yarn store.

But then, in September 2012, my husband and I visited Haiti and met a local pastor there who is determined to change Haiti from within by empowering Haiti’s youth to become its agents of change. Our lives changed forever on that trip, and since then, we've been committed to helping Pastor Samuel realize his vision. In 2015-16, we even moved there for three months to help Sam develop a business plan for a premiere private school, for which we spent the subsequent 5 years raising $1.5 million USD (click here to learn more).

It wasn't until 2018 that I actually founded Izzy Knits.

Izzy Knits debuted as a virtual local yarn shop, and grew annually, even during the pandemic. But towards the end of 2021, I realized that I never actually had time to make/create what I wanted because I was always making shop samples to promote my yarn inventory instead. That's when the idea for Make & Made Fiber Crafts came about.

Make & Made Fiber Crafts debuted in March 2022.

Today, I'm delighted to be designing and creating for those who are not only makers, but also for those who simply enjoy purchasing thoughtfully handmade home goods and accessories.

Until the transition from one concept to the other is complete, you'll still find a number of items reminiscent of a tradition local yarn shop. We have yarns and kits from a variety of brands, as well as shop samples that were created for display in our show booth, but will no longer be necessary as we streamline our product offering.

Serving both makers and admirers of handmade!

My ultimate goal is to produce beautiful, handmade items of my own design that will be available for purchase in their finished form… and available as kits for makers who would like to make them themselves using the same materials I use! Plus, I'm looking forward to offering a range of colorful, fiber-focused items made by other artisans as well.

Virtual yet personal

You may not be able to physically visit the shop, but you can still expect warm, personal service as if you could. You're always welcome to contact me with feedback, questions, or concerns. I'm very quick to answer email, and if you leave a voice mail, I promise to get back to you within 24 hours (Sunday excluded).

The photos below are from 2018, when Izzy Knits attended its first fiber festival in Vista, California. The pup is our dear Izzy, after whom Izzy Knits was named.