My Story

Hello! I'm Susan

I'm a designer and maker of
home goods and lifestyle products, handcrafted by knitting, sewing, weaving, and hand embellishing.

I'm a seller of finished products, patterns, and kits.

I love bold patterns, varied textures, and unexpected color combinations. My favorite yarn is Noro's 100% wool (Kureyon, Malvinas, Ito), and I love sewing with denim and cotton canvas.

Chance or fate?

My journey as a fiber crafter started in 2012 with a summer knitting class. At the time, my daughter was transferring out of public school and into the Waldorf School of Orange County. When her new teacher recommended she familiarize herself with Japanese, the violin, and knitting to help smooth the transition, I agreed to join her in her explorations. For me, that knitting class was revolutionary! For Nicole, not so much!!


My love of knitting led me to launch an online local yarn shop called Izzy Knits (named after our sweet schnoodle Izzy) in 2018. It endured through the pandemic years, during which I added weaving and sewing to my skill set. By 2022, I knew I wanted to focus my energy toward a full-time creative practice. Make & Made Fiber Crafts launched in March of that year, through which I now sell my own fiber-focused, handcrafted products, along with patterns and kits featuring my own designs and favorite DIY supplies.

Family first!

As much as I love my business, however, my family is my #1 priority. I'm blessed to have a loving husband, two 20-something daughters, a fiercely independent mother, and a very enthusiastic chihuahua. Their welfare is my primary concern. And always championing me from beyond is my dad, who sadly passed away in June 2023. His unconditional love and support continue to be a driving force behind my creative endeavors.