It's Game Time!

It's Game Time!

As January 1st quickly approaches, you may be starting to think about your New Year's Resolution. Not Us! We're getting ready for the NFL Playoffs!!

Our family loves pro football. Before the season even started this year, I was already planning what to knit in the way of team accessories. Why? Because when we debuted our new and exclusive RUFF+TUMBLE DK lineup, we made sure it included every NFL team color. As soon as it arrived, I got to work testing several patterns that I hope you'll agree are all fan-worthy!

Izzy's Guide to NFL Team Colors

Izzy's Guide to NFL Team Colors for RUFF+TUMBLE

First, check out "Izzy's Guide to NFL Team Colors", which translates every team's colors into their RUFF+TUMBLE equivalent. This handy chart makes purchasing the right colors a breeze, whether for your favorite team or someone else's.

Fan Gear We've Knit with RUFF+TUMBLE DK

Megaliths Hat knit in RUFF+TUMBLE DK

Of all the "team" samples I've knit, this one is perhaps my favorite. It's the Megaliths Hat by Kino Knits. Knit in the Atlanta Falcons' colors (RUFF+TUMBLE Rose Red, Black, and Silver Grey), this hat was a fun colorwork project that knit up quickly and comes in 8 sizes to fit the whole family! My only tweak to this pattern would be to go down one needle size for the ribbing, but that could just be me. My ribbing tends to be a little looser than my stockinette. (This pattern is available for $6 on Ravelry.)

Maraschino Cherry Hat knit in RUFF+TUMBLE DK

In preparation for attending our first LA Rams game later this month, I knit the Maraschino Cherry Hat by Thea Colman in the Rams' retro colors (RUFF+TUMBLE Royal Blue & Honey). This pattern I loved because it features a fun-to-knit, slipped stitch colorwork design. And depending on which team color you use for Color A, you'll get a totally different look. To see how different my hat looks in the reverse, check out my Rams Slipped Stitch Beanie project on Ravelry. (This pattern is also available for $6.00 on Ravelry.)

Baby Sweater knit in RUFF+TUMBLE DK

I began knitting this small baby sweater in Barry Klein's "Top Down & All Around" class as Stitches SoCal…a class I highly recommend if you have the chance to attend a future Stitches event! This one I knit in Miami Dolphins' colors (RUFF+TUMBLE Peacock, Clementine, and Teal).

I'm a Fan! Dog Sweater knit in RUFF+TUMBLE DK

Of course, we all know our dogs are "man's best friend", which is certainly true for Dave and Kona. Dave is a HUGE Cowboy's fan, so those are the colors (RUFF+TUMBLE Navy & Silver Grey) I chose for Kona's "I'm a Fan!" Dog Sweater, designed by…me! If you read our monthly Izzy Knits Newsletter, you'll have seen a different photo of this sweater in the November 2019 issue. It's testing phase is coming to an end in the next couple of weeks, and we intend to publish this pattern by the end of the year…just in time for the playoffs!

A Couple of Free Patterns!

Duotone Cowl & Hawk On patterns would be great knit in RUFF+TUMBLE DK

Finally, if you're heading outdoors to a live game this season, it's likely you'll need something warm around your neck to keep you cozy. We recommend either of these great looking patterns, both of which are FREE on Ravelry:

Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn

Hawk On (scarf) by Jennifer Chase-Rappaport

Here's wishing you and your football team a successful season. Happy knitting!

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