The Benefits of Synthetic Down Pillow Inserts

The Benefits of Synthetic Down Pillow Inserts

Once I began designing and knitting wool pillow covers (my favorite small project with big impact!), I tasked myself with finding the best pillow inserts I could find for my colorful creations.

My first foray into pillow inserts didn't go so well. I ended up with cheap pillows whose polyester filling compressed quickly and became more and more clumpy over time. In short, my pillows lost their bounce. Sadly, I got what I paid for.

I then tried some 100% down pillows which, I will admit, were luxurious, but they also came with a luxury price tag. Personally, I'd rather invest more in the visible pillow cover than in the never seen insert. 

That's why, when I finally discovered synthetic down, I felt I'd won the lottery. Like Goldilocks, I discovered my perfect fit... pillow inserts that are soft yet durable, hold their shape, offer a full fill, and are hypoallergenic to boot! It's all I now offer in my shop.

Read on to learn why these are the only inserts I use in my home... and sell in my shop.

Pillow Inserts stacked high on shelves next to yarn and stuffed dog wearing a knit sweater

Our synthetic down pillow forms offer all the cushy comfort of natural down without the allergies!

These hypo-allergenic pillow inserts are made to order here in the USA, featuring fiber that’s nearly 1/10 of normal polyester, giving it both fullness and staying power. If you’re a fan of the “karate chop” method of styling a pillow, you’re going to love this!

What makes these inserts so special?

  • Staying power of a down pillow
  • Benefits of a hypo-allergenic pillow
  • Soft yet durable woven polyester/cotton blend fabric
  • Filling spreads all the way into the corners
  • Filling stays inside, thanks to a double-stitched, reinforced seam
  • Actual insert size is 1” larger than stated size for a thoroughly “filled” pillow
  • Cut, stuffed, and sewn 100% in the USA

Choosing the Right Size

We recommend you purchase the same size insert as your pillow cover. For example, if your pillow cover states that it’s 17” x 17”, we recommend you purchase an insert that’s also 17” x 17”. As each pillow cover is handcrafted, its exact dimensions may vary slightly (e.g. +/- ¼” to ½”), but the size noted is the size we think is the best fit.

Caring for Your Insert

For best results, we recommend dry cleaning your pillow inserts. If you’re concerned about dust mites, try sealing your insert in a plastic bag and placing in the freezer for 24-48 hours. If you just want to fluff or freshen your inserts, place them in the dryer on "air only" (no heat) along with one or two tennis balls for a cycle.

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