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Pocket Color Wheel

Pocket Color Wheel

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Want to explore new color combinations but aren't sure where to start! Try using a color wheel to point you in new and perhaps unexpected directions!

Featuring a circular design, a color wheel provides a visual illustration of how colors mix and relate to each other. One side of the wheel demonstrates color mixing (primary secondary, tertiary, warm, cool), while the other side illustrates color harmonies (monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complementary, triad, tetrad, and key color). 

Made from heavy-duty paperboard, this 5" diameter color wheel includes a gray scale, is printed with helpful color definitions, and is just the right size for a purse or project bag.

Ships from Irvine, CA -- Orders placed before 4pm, M-F or before noon Sat will ship same day; all other orders ship next business day; any delay will be communicated via email.

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