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Reeds for the 16" Rigid Heddle Loom

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These reeds are also compatible with Ashford‘s 16" SampleIt Loom.

Please note, due to space constraints, we will no longer be keeping reeds for the 16" [40cm] Rigid Heddle Loom in stock

What you see below is the remainder of our inventory. If you see the size you need, order now; wwon't be getting more.

Sizes range from the wide-spaced 2.5 dpi for chunky and novelty yarns to the extra fine 15 dpi for fingering weight and lace weight yarns. Each reed is made from strong, durable nylon with silver beech rails.

Reed Sizes

  • 2.5 dpi [10/10cm] - bulky
  • 5 dpi [20/10cm]
  • 7.5 dpi [30/10cm]
  • 10 dpi [40/10cm]
  • 12.5 dpi [50/10cm]
  • 15 dpi [60/10cm] - extra fine

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