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Synthetic Down Pillow Forms, 12" to 18" Square

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Our synthetic down pillow forms offer all the cushy comfort of natural down without the allergies!

These hypo-allergenic pillow inserts are made to order here in the USA, featuring fiber that’s nearly 1/10 of normal polyester, giving it both fullness and staying power. If you’re a fan of the “karate chop” method of styling a pillow, you’re going to love this!

What makes these inserts so special?

  • Shape staying power of a down pillow
  • Benefits of a hypo-allergenic pillow
  • Soft yet durable woven polyester/cotton blend fabric cover
  • Filling stays inside, thanks to a double-stitched, reinforced seam
  • Filling spreads all the way into the corners
  • Actual insert size is 1” larger than stated size for a thoroughly “filled” pillow
  • Cut, stuffed, and sewn 100% in the USA


Our pillow forms are actually sewn 1" larger than their stated size, so as to provide a full fill.

Care Information

For best results, we recommend dry cleaning your pillow inserts. If you’re concerned about dust mites, try sealing your insert in a plastic bag and placing in the freezer for 24-48 hours. If you just want to fluff or freshen your inserts, place them in the dryer on "air only" (no heat) along with one or two tennis balls for a cycle.

Shopkeeper's Note

We recommend you purchase the same size insert as your pillow cover. For example, if your pillow cover measures 17” x 17”, we recommend you purchase a 17” x 17” insert. You do not need to purchase an insert larger than your cover to ensure a proper fill, as may be the case with some other common inserts.