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Zinc Beanie

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Designed exclusively for Make & Made Fiber Crafts!


Named for the outdoor cafe in Laguna Beach where my mom breakfasts weekly, this hat was designed with her in mind. Hand knit in worsted weight wool, the versions that include cashmere are particularly drapey and soft!

For the fiber content of each hat, please refer to the photos. 

Maker's kit coming soon!


Varies with each beanie, see below

French Vanilla
• Brim circumference: 20" [51cm]
• Height: 8½" [22cm]
• Fits head with 20" to 22½" [51cm to 57cm] circumference.

Lavender Beanie
• Brim circumference: 19" [48cm]
• Height: 8½" [22cm]
• Fits head with 19" to 21½" [48cm to 54.5cm] circumference.

Silver Blue Shadow Beanie
• Brim circumference: 18" [46cm]
• Height: 8" [20cm]
• Fits head with 18" to 21" [46cm to 53cm] circumference.

Care Information

Varies with yarn used. When in doubt, hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. Each hat will come with its own instructions. Hats made of 100% superwash wool are likely to be washer/dryer friendly. Hats with cashmere are not.

Shopkeeper's Note

The French Vanilla beanie has a slightly different crown than the others. If you look closely, it doesn't have the ridge of garter stitches where the crown begins, and it's start pattern is a simpler design.